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We have provided you with comprehensive educational solutions in every respect to facilitate your work and save your precious time. We are honored to serve you.
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Training Sector

  • Active learning
  • Instruction methods
  • 21st-century teacher skills
  • Classroom management
  • Developing testing systems
  • Developing extracurricular activities
  • Modern curricula
  • Most modern trends in teaching students with special needs
  • E-learning
  • Study skills
  • Life skills
  • Taking-decision skills
  • Dealing with competencies tests
  • Planning for future
  • Discovering talents and competencies
  • Reading
  • English language
  • Dialogue skills
  • Developing under-graduate textbooks
  • Instruction skills
  • Developing tests
  • Improving scientific research skills
  • Developing course plans
  • Applying quality standards
  • Developing under-graduate textbooks
  • Instruction skills
  • Developing tests
  • Improving scientific research skills
  • Developing course plans
  • Applying quality standards
  • Most effective practices of managing change and organizational development of educational institutes.
    • Promoting administrative and innovative excellence of middle-class leaders.
    • Holding active workshops on the job description of employees.
    • Implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) to achieve competitiveness and excellence.
    • Successful leadership skills necessary for leaders:
    • Capability to plan.
    • Mastering dealing with others.
    • Dialogue and discussion management skills.
    • Capability to manage time.
    • Building and managing work teams effectively.
    • Effective management of meetings.
  • Decision-Taking Skills
  • Persuasion skills.
  • Building the administrative system
  • Achievement of objectives.
  • the leadership of the Learning system
  • Crisis management

Educational Consultancy Sector

We have provided you with a consulting team in many respects:

  • Education issues

  • Education development

  • Developments and crises in Education

  • Educational projects

  • Parents

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Education leaders

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Innovative solutions

  • Conducting scientific research

  • Developing strategic and executive plans

  • Training courses

Scientific Research in Education Sector

  • Parallel supervisory on educational dissertations and theses.

  • Formulating titles of educational research papers.

  • Evaluating research proposals.

  • Evaluating dissertations and theses.

  • Evaluating recent scientific studies.

  • Ensuring local and international resources and references.

  • Preparing statistics of educational research (SPSS).

Designing Educational Curricula Sector

  • Designing educational curricula of people with special needs in light of the Ministry of Education’s goals.

  • Developing curricula of private schools.

  • Providing educational tailoring, modifications & manipulations of curricular

  • Addressing curricula in light of the requirements of general aptitude and achievement tests.

  • Addressing educational curricula in light of the 21st-century skills.

  • Designing the electronic content of the educational courses.

  • Designing educational multimedia and aids for normal students and those with special needs at various learning courses.

Authoring Sector

  • Authoring Educational Books

  • Authoring Childhood Education Books

  • Authoring Childhood Literacy Books

  • Summarizing scientific resources and references

  • Designing training packages/courses

  • Authoring manuals for teachers and families of people with special needs

Translation Sector

  • Translations and ‘Localization’ of educational books.

  • Translations and ‘Localization’ of foreign textbooks.

  • Translations and ‘Localization’ of international research studies.

Crises Management Sector

  • Developing urgent plans to handle latest developments in education.

  • Providing prompt solutions to manage crises at educational institutes.

Quality Assurance & Academic Accreditation

  • Helping schools and colleges to obtain academic accreditation.

  • Training schools and colleges on the accreditation standards.

Information Technology

  • Designing electronic programs in the field of Education Management systems.

  • Developing electronic programs for managing quality and public institutes

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